Elegant Crescent-chest, Melopareia elegans

Machalilla National Park. park protects 40,000 hectares of tropical dry forest, semi-humid (100 - 600 meters) and arid coastal habitats. Isla de la Plata (the poor man's Galapagos) has a vegetation of low growing trees, cactus, and shrubs with many of the bird species found in the Galápagos Islands. The island is located 40 kms off the coast and offers great whale watching from June to October. Allow for at least three days of birding, including one day visit to the island. Accommodations are moderate to excellent.
Target birds: Ochre-bellied Dove, Esmeraldas Woodstar, Henna-hooded Foliage-gleaner, Pacific Royal-Flycatcher, Ochraceous Attila and Saffron Siskin.